What are the Average Furnace Repair Prices in Calgary?

January 9, 2024

No Calgary homeowner with a furnace on the blink wants to leave repairs too long. It may be something as simple as a dirty filter that needs replacing or a more complex issue like a blower motor not working—either way, it needs fixing. And promptly!

Furnace repair costs in Calgary range from a quick callout (between $150 and $300) up to $2,000 or more for several hours of labour and the replacement of an expensive part. But these prices are the “outliers” The average furnace repair price in Calgary is around $300-350 and usually ranges between $200 and $500.

Here’s what else you need to know about average furnace repair prices:

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How much does furnace repair cost in Calgary?

A relatively new, properly maintained furnace shouldn’t need repairs very often. But as furnaces age or if annual maintenance is neglected, performance can be impacted—which may affect comfort levels in the home as well as monthly bills.

Generally speaking, gas- and propane-powered furnaces cost more to repair than electric furnaces but, in Calgary, the availability of low-cost natural gas makes gas furnaces by far the most economical and popular choice. 

This is a good guideline for repair costs for gas furnaces in Calgary:


Basic furnace problem 

More complex problem

Average repair cost



Range of repair prices 



What is the hourly furnace repair cost?

The hourly furnace repair cost for the labour is usually around $100-$150. If replacement parts are required, these are added on top but the furnace repair company should advise you upfront what your options are (repair, replacement or wait).

There may be a minimum charge (usually $100-$200) to cover the cost of callouts for minor repairs that take less than an hour.

For instance, it only takes a few minutes to replace a dirty filter—one of the few furnace repair jobs that homeowners can attempt themselves (see below section on DIY furnace repairs).

What factors influence furnace repair prices in Calgary?

The price of furnace repairs in Calgary varies according to the following factors:

Type of furnace

Natural gas, propane, electric or oil furnaces can all develop a variety of issues and repair costs may vary slightly between them. The hourly rate may be the same but the complexity of issues and furnace component prices will vary.

The component affected

If the furnace part needs replacing, the total cost of repairs will be higher than if a simple fix can be applied by your HVAC technician. This is one of the major factors affecting furnace repair prices in Calgary.

Furnace brand

Some high-quality furnace brands are more expensive to repair than others aimed at the “budget” end of the market.


Parts of the country with the highest costs of living and few furnace repair technicians available may incur higher costs. In Calgary and most of Alberta, furnace repairs remain quite affordable compared to the rest of the country and especially favorable compared to B.C. and Ontario.

Repair company

Furnace repair companies will charge different hourly rates and minimum callout charges and may put a markup on component replacements.

At Alberta Mountain Air, we believe in transparent pricing for furnace repairs, maintenance, and installation and will always provide an accurate estimate upfront for you—with a complete cost breakdown.

The most common types of furnace repairs (with estimated costs)

A furnace consists of multiple components, all of which can run into problems over many years of use. Generally speaking, the three most expensive parts to repair are the blower motor, the circuit board, and the draft inducer motor. 

Blower motor repair costs: $850-$2,000

If the blower motor needs replacing, it’s one of the most expensive furnace repair jobs. This is an essential component responsible for forcing air through the ductwork in your heating system. 

Heat exchanger repair costs: $1,000-$3,500

The heat exchanger is the component heated by the burners and is responsible for generating the heat that’s distributed through the home via the blower motor.

Repairs may just cost a couple of hours of work but replacements are expensive, usually starting at no less than $1,000.

Circuit board repairs: $550-$1,100

A furnace’s circuit board is the “brains” or “motherboard” of the heating system and can be adversely affected by high moisture levels (use a dehumidifier if the air is moisture-heavy in your home).

This component works with your thermostat to initiate the heating cycle. A failed circuit board can mean no heat at all in the home and must be repaired or replaced promptly.

Draft inducer motor repairs: $850-$1,500

Another of the costliest furnace repairs is replacing the draft inducer motor, which helps to control airflow within the furnace. It pulls air into the furnace for combustion and, critically, helps exhaust combustion byproducts, including carbon monoxide.

Gas valve repairs: $700-$1,200

The gas valve supplies most furnaces in Calgary with the fuel they need to heat homes. Failure means no heat at all and it may be necessary to replace the entire valve.

Smart valve repairs: $700-$1,000

Some furnaces have smart valves, which are gas valves equipped with a circuit board. These can be difficult to find replacements for, potentially increasing the repair costs.

Thermostat repair costs: $200-$1,000

Most modern furnaces have smart thermostats that are programmable and read the temperature in your home, communicating with your HVAC system when to turn the heating on/off. 

A faulty or malfunctioning thermostat can lead to a lack of heat in the home and will need repair or replacement.

Other furnace repair price estimates

Various other repair costs (including parts and labor) include:

  • Burners: $450
  • Furnace filter: $10-$90
  • Flame sensor: $100-$300
  • Heat strips: $700-$1,000
  • Ignitor: $300
  • Limit switch: $175-$250
  • Pressure switch: $250
  • Sequencer: $300
  • Transformer: $400

Emergency furnace repair costs

Any furnace breakdown in the middle of a Calgary winter could be classed as an “emergency”—but some issues require immediate attention outside of normal working hours, especially if your family’s safety is impacted.

Furnaces can become fire or explosion risks if critical repairs are neglected. Rotten-egg-like smells, possible gas leaks, electrical problems, loud noises or a yellow pilot flame could point to a serious underlying problem that needs rapid repairs.

Emergencies usually involve an extra call-out charge and perhaps a higher hourly rate for repair technicians than the standard rate. At Alberta Mountain Air, we offer 24/7 emergency furnace repairs at affordable prices.

When is replacement better than repairing a furnace?

The furnace is a central component of most Calgary homes, keeping families comfortable, maintaining air quality, and preventing frozen pipes in winter.

Most well-maintained modern furnaces will run for many years without ever needing repairs. They last for 15-20 years or more with proper care.

If, however, your annual furnace repair bills (and monthly fuel bills) are climbing and your furnace is out of warranty and 15 years old or more, it’s probably time to consider a replacement.

A new furnace installation can replace an older, inefficient furnace with a new high-efficiency model that heats your home without the headaches of constant breakdowns and spiralling energy bills.

The cost of a new furnace in Calgary is significant but, at Alberta Mountain Air, we offer smart financing plans that make the installation costs more manageable for families working on a tight budget.

One rule of thumb often used is this: If the repairs will cost more than a third to half of the price of a new unit and your furnace is more than seven years old, it’s time to consider buying a new one. 

How do I know if I need furnace repairs?

We’ve already covered some signs that your furnace may need emergency repairs.

Sometimes, however, there are no major safety concerns and the furnace turns on but simply doesn’t perform efficiently. It doesn’t heat the home properly.

Some typical signs that furnace repairs may be required include:

  • Rooms aren’t heating up adequately
  • Rooms are heating unevenly
  • Cold spots are noticeable in some rooms
  • Energy bills are suddenly spiking for no apparent reason
  • The furnace is short-cycling (turning on and off again quickly)
  • The furnace is blowing cold air
  • Water leaks

These issues could be caused by something as innocuous as a dirty filter that needs cleaning or replacing, a blocked vent pipe or a problem with the thermostat. But don’t leave the issue to worsen and potentially cause expensive damage to more expensive components or compromise the safety of your family.

How to avoid furnace repairs

The best way to avoid furnace repairs? Look after your furnace and schedule at least annual maintenance.

Even with regular maintenance and the advanced design of modern furnaces, furnace repairs may be required at some point during its long, 15-20-year life. As your furnace ages, the likelihood increases.

In Calgary, it’s best to schedule maintenance before the winter season takes hold. An annual furnace tune-up from Alberta Mountain Air ensures optimal furnace safety and efficiency throughout the coldest months and includes the following measures:

  • Inspecting and cleaning/replacing air filters
  • Inspecting and cleaning flue pipes
  • Inspecting and cleaning the heat exchanger
  • Inspecting and cleaning the blower
  • Inspecting the safety controls to ensure optimal performance
  • Inspecting the ductwork and, if necessary, cleaning it
  • Checking the natural gas pressure 
  • Tightening and securing of all furnace elements
  • Lubricating all moving parts as necessary
  • An overall assessment of the furnace performance and condition

A small investment in maintenance (a few hundred dollars per year) pays dividends over the long term and helps protect the investment you’ve made in your furnace.

Can you DIY furnace repairs?

Generally speaking, nobody except a trained and certified professional should attempt furnace repairs. Furnaces incorporate complex machinery, combustion of gases, and electrical components that can all lead to serious safety issues in the home. Don’t take any chances.

Most furnaces are highly complex systems and issues can result from multiple causes. Troubleshooting furnace issues usually requires a trained, professional eye.

Also, bear in mind that DIY repairs might void your furnace warranty. Carefully review the warranty terms before opening that furnace door.

That said, many furnace issues stem from a simple problem: a clogged or dirty filter. The job of the air filter is to remove dust and debris from the air that circulates throughout your home. Reduced airflow or a lack of heat could be due to a clogged filter.

Changing an air filter is really furnace maintenance rather than repairs—and it’s a job that most homeowners can do themselves. Depending on the air quality in your home and the time of year (winters are heavier on filters), you’ll need to replace the filter every few months or even more often in the dead of winter, especially if you have pets or family members with bad allergies or breathing problems.

The good news is that filters are relatively inexpensive and can be bought at hardware stores or online.

If you’re experiencing heating problems from your furnace, locate the air filter, hold it up to the light and, if you can’t see through it, it’s likely restricting airflow in your furnace. This makes it a prime culprit for furnace issues. Clean or change the filter, depending on the type of furnace you have (check the manual).

If this doesn’t fix your problem, call a furnace professional…

Fast, safe furnace repairs in Calgary

The furnace technicians at Alberta Mountain Air will quickly diagnose your problem, inform you of estimated costs, and get you back up and running safely and without delays.

We provide both standard repairs and a 24/7 emergency repair service for all types and brands of furnaces. All of our furnace professionals are SAIT-certified and highly trained to get the job done efficiently.

Call us at 403-236-4366 or contact us online to book repairs.

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