7 Beneifts of Regular HVAC Maintenance

December 27, 2023

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The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit requires regular inspection and maintenance repairs. While it’s recommended you perform annual maintenance checks, you can always contact a professional should the need arise. Buying and installing HVAC units isn’t cheap. Thus, you always want to ensure that your investment is safe and functional.

The heat and humidity in most places necessitate that you have an air conditioner in stellar shape. An air conditioner that isn’t properly functioning when the summer hits can make indoor life unhealthy and unbearable. Here are several advantages of periodic HVAC maintenance.


If you’re using fuel-burning heaters inside your home, you could unknowingly have a high carbon monoxide buildup in your body. Chronic openness to low concentrations of carbon monoxide may result in the occurrence of health conditions like headaches and nausea. Continued exposure to this gas will cause some people to experience chest pains, particularly those with certain heart conditions.

You must act without delay whenever you notice several people expressing such signs. Get in touch with an HVAC specialist to come and inspect your heating system. Fuel-burning equipment or heating units are typically the sources of carbon monoxide leaks. Carrying out regular replacements or repairs ensures such incidences don’t occur. Our experts are competent enough to handle any system maintenance work with ease.


Air conditioners go to great lengths to maintain a comfortable environment by evaporating moisture from the air. Evaporated air goes into a solution usually stored far away from the living areas and changes into water vapor when it rises. The evaporated water becomes cooler, and the air becomes warm.

Also, if you’re a pet enthusiast, you’ll need your HVAC unit to always remain in tip-top performance mode. Your home’s air quality will likely significantly decrease due to any pet dander, dust, or pollen that circulates. If you haven’t replaced your air filters, there’s a high chance they could already be clogged. Your HVAC unit, thus, will be unable to capture all the dangerous pollutants in your home’s atmosphere. These contaminants will spread throughout your house, bringing symptoms to those who have allergies or nasal issues.

Our experts can effortlessly replace your old air filters with new ones when we do HVAC maintenance. Doing this will ensure that your interior air is constantly pure.


Nobody enjoys spending money unnecessarily or incurring extra costs. Without regular repair and maintenance, you stand to incur unnecessary fees. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers advises folks to perform annual repairs and maintenance of their HVAC units. These units often have a lifespan of about 12 years.

Additionally, having your unit evaluated allows professionals like us to replace worn-out components that can lead to future inconveniences. If the problem is with your air filter, we will replace it. We also thoroughly examine your electrical wiring and lubricate any necessary parts. Our service personnel will further inspect the condensate drain and other crucial parts of your air conditioner. In other words, our experts will ensure that no stone remains unturned and that your HVAC unit is in perfect operating order.

Future possible restorations get reduced when your HVAC unit receives annual maintenance. This is because annual checks ensure a qualified service expert can identify any concerns before they worsen.


Extremely high temperatures are always uncomfortable; without a functional HVAC unit, this discomfort will only worsen. An appropriately maintained HVAC unit controls the home’s temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about cooling discomforts all year.

An HVAC system that is not properly maintained may not be able to provide enough cooling power when hot weather seems unbearable. A professional will determine whether a potential problem with your air conditioning unit is due to inadequate refrigerant levels or problems with the compressor. If the issue needs to be fixed or a replacement of your HVAC system is necessary, our team can handle it.


When your home unit isn’t working well, it could mean that a part or the entire unit has an issue. It’s always better and cheaper to fix parts of a system than to replace the entire system. Since you’re not well-versed in handling HVAC maintenance, it’s best to leave that job to experts like Alberta Mountain Air Heating and Air Conditioning. An HVAC unit is complicated since it has multiple components that function collectively or independently. Crucial aspects like moisture dripping, loose power cords, and dirt buildup must get inspected for the system to function appropriately.

Our experienced team will check all pulleys and belts to confirm whether they are in good condition or not. We will easily identify and fix any issues by comprehensively inspecting your HVAC unit.


While HVAC units have long life cycles, failure to properly take care of your unit might reduce its lifespan. Additionally, it would help if you had your belts lubricated by HVAC service specialists like us. Worn-out belts can bring about excess friction, which results in wear and tear. Your belt’s lifespan can be extended if you hire experts to lubricate relevant parts of your unit during annual tune-ups. Our experts will check for loose wires, damaged components, or dirt buildup in your unit’s airflow.

Your air conditioner’s fans ought to always remain clean. A stuffy HVAC unit requires more effort and energy to function. It also puts its motor under additional stress. A properly maintained HVAC system will not need too many repairs. All air conditioners must undergo cleaning and maintenance repairs regularly. An AC’s air filtration unit should also undergo regular cleaning to eliminate massive quantities of dirt that may have accumulated over time.


Because of dirt accumulation, more energy gets utilized when your HVAC unit isn’t functioning appropriately. Dirt and other particles accumulate in your home system over time. Without regular maintenance, you’ll notice that your system doesn’t quite function as it used to. Your home’s air conditioning will not be as comfortable as it used to be, and your energy costs will be a little high.

With a properly looked after HVAC unit, your energy usage will be less, possibly up to 30% or more. The efficiency of the equipment will lower utility bills from the moment it’s switched on. Our capable HVAC person is available to inspect and check your equipment as often as you would like. Regular maintenance doesn’t just save you money, it reduces the environmental impact brought about by excess waste of energy.

A qualified HVAC service professional may calibrate your thermostat controls to guarantee correct operation. Since thermostat controls can vary, it’s crucial to have your thermostat calibrated annually. Your utility expenses may change as a result of even a two-degree difference.

Having a functional HVAC unit in your home is simply a necessity. The summer warmth and humidity can prove intolerable sometimes. Whenever you require HVAC care and repair on your system in Calgary, Alberta, contact Alberta Mountain Air Heating and Air Conditioning for professional HVAC maintenance and simple fixes. We also offer indoor air quality and ductless mini-split services. We’ll be more than delighted to dispatch our skilled and competent service technicians to your home to help.

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