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Developing our English Pronunciation

I have been developing my English vocabulary and speech pronunciation. I have been writing and reading to enhance my skills specially in English. I have found a very strong source that helps speech and pronunciation to develop. Helpful tips to develop our pronunciation are the following:

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1. Sound clarity----we need to develop our speech awareness in pronouncing the words. We need to observe and listen carefully to the sounds we are making such as the positions of our mouth every time we speak and read. This is about awareness and observing other native English speakers.

2. Identification of your pronunciation that needs improvement------this includes the .....mouth movement---you need to open your mouth when you speak...

....the volume of your speech

....observing the syllables stress

.....the sound of your vowel and consonant....

....vowel includes a, e.i and the consonant includes r, sh, l and more

3. Correct Practice makes perfect---------frequent practice is a requisite to acquire change.

Those above mention are the basic tips to improve our pronunciation awareness. We need to spend time practicing and observing tenses, vowels and consonants. We need to open our mouth and we should speak not too fast and not too soft. Listening to the rhythm is very essential, remember English is not flat.....Before I forget Please identify the words that are difficult to you...list it down and record your own speech.

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