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Dont let people play with your dreams

There has always been someone on the internet as a center of attraction due to the earnings made by him using different techniques. I do agree that people earn a lot on internet using various streams like marketing, freelance, selling products etc etc. But I couldn't make up my mind for one good reason If a person earns between $2000 $10,000 a month why the he'll is he selling is his ebook or product. There are 2 reasons which come to my mind

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    • If he can earn that much why would he like to show his secret to everyone.


    • If he is boasting about no selling of product or no SEO needed no google ranking needed and all those shit (which he claims) then how the he'll is he making that much amount of money.

As per my analysis he claims to earn that much only by selling his product or ebook which contradicts his own philosophy about no selling. Also I came across some products/memberships which claim to make you a millionaire but the cost of membership/product is above an average person's budget which I don't think needs to be built only on a segment of people who can afford it rather than creating something which people want it. Its an undeniable fact that every person wants his pockets full atleast he doesn't need to think twice before spending on something which he likes. Man that's f***ing $2000 for membership/product just to learn about how to earn money, As far as I can say if a person has that kind of money to invest in all these bullshit then he wouldn't spend time analysing things and earning, rather he would just go about, join and start earning by using the step by step guide (which they claim to provide). "Whilst every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the products, the ideas and the techniques. We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme." Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills." a disclaimer from some site. Man when you cannot guarantee success why the he'll are you charging that much for it. When the earning potential is entirely dependent on the person what are you charging for?

Today there are numerous ways to earn good income using the social media and uptil now I have almost entirely a 80 GB Hard Drive full of these bullshit but nothing works. What worked is the only thing which you analyse yourself and come up with your own idea rather than being dependent on someone whose main aim is to make you she'll out $200 $2000 from your pockets and show you nothing away from what you have been doing and showing you the graphs of earning of $1,00,000. Wake up guys these are not the actual methods which can bring in income, what brings in is solely your own efforts. I have been analysing a few things using differnet social media and have found very little success but I assure everyone who reads this I will freely publish my success method once I become completely sure of it's working. Till then keep reading catch up with you every now and then.

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