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I'm hugely aware of how limited drag-and-drop game SDKs can be. As an example right now I can only work with the monetisation partners that Gamesalad has chosen to implement, which at the moment isn't very many. I also know that relying on the one SDK for all of my games is a pretty dangerous proposition, especially when I have to rely on their servers to build my games too. I know that teaching myself to code will be a good way to safeguard my future. If there was no limit to my brain power (there definitely is) then I'd probably jump in with both feet and start learning a real hardcore programming language like C++, but with my lack of programming skills that would be like trying to run a marathon before I'd even learned to walk. Blindfolded. Whilst on fire.

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So why LUA? Well firstly it's a nice simple scripting language that will be infinitely easier for me to learn in the downtime between making games (if I get any). On top of that it also happens to be the language that Gamesalad is built upon. This is awesome because the developers of Gamesalad have recently stated that in the future they'll allow users to add custom code to their games through LUA scripting to achieve things that the SDK can't do out of the box. Therefore learning LUA might enable me to do some cool things with my Gamesalad games in the future, possibly even enabling me to add further monetisation options that aren't provided as standard.

'But' , to quote every infomercial that's ever existed 'that's not all'! In the future LUA will offer me a clear path onwards from Gamesalad too. LUA is also the scripting language used in Corona SDK, a popular alternative to Gamesalad which does require coding, but at a relatively simple level. Because of it's easy-to-learn LUA coding, Corona has long been a popular next step for Gamesalad developers looking for something more, as it offers a bit more flexibility and imposes far fewer restrictions than Gamesalad does. Working with Corona would allow me to target the same mobile devices as Gamesalad, but with the possibility for more complex gameplay, improved performance (although Gamesalad is quickly improving in that respect) and importantly for me, more monetisation options.

Looking even further forward LUA is also the language used by some of the bigger, more high-end game SDKs, the one's that pick on Gamesalad and Corona and steal their lunch money SDKs like Marmalade Quick and Moai. Marmalade is used by a lot of the big boys in the game world (EA, Konami, Square Enix, PopCap), and Moai is very powerful too, so being able to use either of these SDKs would really open up a lot of opportunities for my games, their potential audiences and any revenue streams they can bring in.

As a final consideration for this topic, once I've gotten good at LUA I'll arguably be a better developer, and more equipped to tackle any other languages that might be necessary as I progress further.

That's all a tentative plan for the future right now, though. By starting with Gamesalad I can begin to create a steadily growing catalogue of games as quickly as possible.

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