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"Can rubbing alcohol kill head lice?"

I was a bit alarmed by the question "Can rubbing alcohol kill head lice?"

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It is quite understandable that, when faced with persistant head lice , the thought of doing ANYTHING to get rid of the little critters would appeal.desperation is a powerful emotion!

But can rubbing alcohol kill head lice?

The chances are that rubbing alcohol could stun head lice making them easier to remove with a good quality nit comb . However, there is no evidence to suggest that the alcohol would kill head lice . An awful lot of alcohol would need to be rubbed in during the attempt to asphyxiate (suffocate) head lice and the consequences of that do not bear thinking about:

  • consider how unpleasant the stench of alcohol being rubbed into the scalp to kill head lice would be.
  • the alcohol (especially when rubbed) would irritate the scalp leaving it extra sensitive during nit combing (an activity that can leave the scalp tender anyway if done too long).
  • the hair would be stripped of it's natural oils leaving it frizzy and dry.
  • there is a risk of flammability making this a high risk approach to killing head lice .

When answering the question "Can rubbing alcohol kill head lice?" , Freedom From Head Lice would express extreme reservations about taking such an aggressive approach to attempting to kill head lice .

Examining posts on this site will reveal alternative strategies to eliminate head lice that are less risky and much more effective.


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