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Finding adequate dining is never a problem in Las Vegas, from upscale,...

Finding adequate dining is never a problem in Las Vegas, from upscale, fine dining to the ever popular Las Vegas buffet, you will have plenty to choose from. I visited Kahunaville Tropical Restaurant, located inside Treasure Island hotel, quite often during a trip to Las Vegas. Its acasual place located past the casinos and across from Ben and Jerrys ice cream shop. Food was pretty good, nothing fancy but just what you need to hit the spot.

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The bartender was awesome and had a lot of flair. We tried a huge, monster-sized cocktail that cost in the $20 range. Unfortunately, the name slips my mind at this time but it was great! My husband and I decided to place a small wager (well we we're in Vegas right?) to see who could finish the drink faster. We even had some people cheering us on, it was a lot of fun! The restaurant was never crowded and I always enjoyed my time there.

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