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Gabe Brown is the heart and soul of his small CNC machine shop in Anaheim California USA. It would be wrong to say his shop slings parts out the door all day long when in fact what leaves his shop are the hopes dreams and careers of many builders. Works of CNC billet art gleeming brightly and made for racing performance are on a lot of the show cars, hot rods, racing cars and restoration projects you see in the industry.

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Gabe Brown Engineering Offers New Line Of CNC Machined HPI Baja 5b Racing Parts.

Gabe has a special place in his heart for fun and the HPI baja 5b fits the billet nicely. From his pratical and shiny shock struts to the soon to be released nickel plated Stage III high performance 5th scale tuned exhaust system your baja 5b you will have the benefit of over 45 years of racing experience used on your behalf, for your driving experience. Your baja 5b will be a new car with our easy bolt on performance billet racing parts like the GBE velocity stack. It will put a smile on your face when you feel the difference!

Gabe Brown Engineering Is Off-Road Racing.

Many top off-road race builders have their custom one off's and custom race components made by Gabe Brown Engineering because Gabe knows speed engineering very well. Gabe has the racing background and race proven human resources to make your project become reality. Gabe has been in the drivers seat of his own Sand Dragster used in off-road drag racing in the sands of the desert where winning and losing happens in just 3.0 seconds from the time you leave the light to the finish line. He has crossed the finish line a winner many times and will use his race winning skills when it comes to your off-road racing parts because he knows how important it is to you.

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