General Aire Drip Humidifier Model 570. SKU Model 570

How the 570 Works:

Your furnace sends warm air through the unit, evaporating water within. Moistened air is then delivered throughout your home via your home’s duct system to keep your air healthy.

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 Protect your family’s health:

Low humidity is where viruses can thrive and cause your throat and nasal passages to dry. This leads to nose bleeds, increased risk of infection, colds, u and other respiratory ailments. Dry air can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Air that’s too dry causes dry/itchy/cracked skin.

Protect Your Valuables:

Dry air in your home can cause expensive artwork, wood ooring, cabinets, furniture and musical instruments to crack. Dry air increases annoying static shocks that can damage electronics.

Save money:

Since dry air can cause woodwork to crack, resulting gaps in windows & doors let cold outside air in. In addition, dry air feels colder. Take the chill out with an 570. Turn your thermostat down and save money.


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