Certified Technicians Ready to Repair All Brands of Furnaces

When the heat is not working in the middle of winter, you need a company that can provide professional, fast, reasonably priced furnace repair services.

Alberta Mountain Air has certified technicians available 24/7 who can service all models and brands of furnaces. Even though you might consider certain repairs too complicated, our highly skilled professionals will make any repair possible for the optimal functioning of your heating system. Our furnace repair technicians work with top manufacturers to ensure superior quality.

If your furnace problem is not worth fixing, our experienced technicians can review the replacement parts and/or new furnace options that might best suit your size of home and budget.

Always remember that regular maintenance should be provided to your furnace so that it will function at optimum level, limiting the need to have a furnace repair technician visit you in an emergency.

Learn more about our $150- Annual Maintenance Tune Up Package



We leave our customers happy, with an operating furnace.  We guarantee that your furnace repair is done right, or you are not charged!

Top 10 Possible Furnace Problems to Check Before Calling a Repair Technician

  1. FLICKERING OR YELLOW PILIOT LIGHT – This could be a sign of excess carbon monoxide in gas furnaces.
  2. WORN OUT BALL BEARINGS – Indicated by scraping sound. Turn off furnace immediately and call us.
  3. FREQUENT CYCLING – Cycling between “On and “OFF” may indicate a clogged filter,  improper air flow or a bad thermostat setting.
  4. LIMIT SWITCH– Indicated by the furnace continually blowing. May need replacement.
  5. GENERAL PROBLEMS– Loud sounds are often an indication there is a mechanical problem, airflow reductions or a clogged burner.
  1. CRACKED HEAT EXCHANGER – A costly expense that can be prevented with regular maintenance.
  2. DIRTY FILTERS – Your furnace has to work harder when your filters are dirty which can lead to extended damage and higher energy costs.
  3. SLIPPED OR FRAYED BLOWER BELT– Indicated by a high-pitched squeal.
  4. ELECTRIC IGNITION OR PILOT CONTROL PROBLEMS – A faulty ignition or pilot reduces heat getting into your home.
  5. MALFUNCTIONING THERMOSTAT – Can lead to problems with the fan or comfort levels.

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