Ways to Improve Your Air Quality During Fall and Winter

The colder months are when more people head indoors to escape the harsh weather conditions outside. If you plan to spend most of the day or night inside, you’ll want to breathe in quality air that is clean. Here are a few ways to improve your air quality during the fall and winter season.

Install a UV Air Cleaner

UV Air Cleaners prevent bacteria and viruses from circulating in a building. You can reduce the risk of catching the flu or other illnesses during the colder months with the device, which can fit inside the ductwork or on an outdoor unit.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are designed to add extra moisture to the air in a room. This can prevent viruses from spreading throughout the building. Studies show that illnesses circulate more frequently in dry settings, which makes it necessary to run a humidifier each day to protect your health. Balance the humidifier at 30 to 50 percent to ensure that enough moisture is added to the air.

Avoid Unnatural Scents or Cleaners

From candles to all-purpose cleaners, there are many types of products in most households that contain a high level of chemicals and toxins. Unfortunately, these can be inhaled by residents. It’s important to go the natural route when it comes to products that you use in the fall and winter season. Burn soy candles, which are healthy and don’t contain chemicals. Make your own cleaners with household ingredients that include baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. These will work well to deodorize the setting while still keeping the air healthy.

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