3 Heating System Myths You May Have Heard

It can be confusing trying to sift through all the advice you’ve received on how to save energy. While some of this advice is factual, much of it isn’t. How do you know which ideas to use? At Alberta Mountain Air, we know what works and what doesn’t.

1. Setting the Thermostat to a Higher Temperature

Many people think that if you raise the thermostat to a higher setting, then your system will heat the house faster. This is not true. The heating unit will heat the house at the same rate no matter what the thermostat setting is. If you have a setting of 80 degrees, then the heat will reach 78 degrees in the same amount of time as when you set the thermostat to 78 degrees.

2. Maintaining a Constant Temperature

It is a common perception that if you keep your thermostat on a constant temperature, then you will save energy. The fact is that the less your heating system runs, the less energy you will use. You can save significantly in the area of energy use by setting the thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter for extended periods of time, such as during sleep or when you are away at work. The staff at Alberta Mountain Air can answer any questions you may have about programmable thermostats and other heating service concerns.

3. Ceiling Fans Only Help in the Summer

You may not know that using ceiling fans in the winter can help reduce your heating costs. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that reverses the direction of the fan blades. This will push air from the floors up toward the ceiling, causing the warm air from the ceiling to circulate. You’ll then be able to turn down the thermostat setting.

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