Five Reasons Every Home Needs a Humidifier

Alberta Mountain Air is a leading HVAC company in Alberta. We install furnaces and garage heaters as well as service them. To supplement these units, we recommend also installing humidifiers. No one would ever consider a home in Calgary without heating, but many homeowners don’t have a humidifier despite all of the many benefits that they provide during the coldest months.

Greater Comfort at Lower Temperatures

Relative humidity determines at how a particular temperature feels. With more moisture in the air, a cooler temperature feels more comfortable than it otherwise would. However, humidity is lower in wintertime naturally due to the fact that cooler air holds less moisture.

Lower Heating Costs

A humidifier lets you lower the thermostat by a few degrees at least and still feel as comfortable as you were at the higher temperature without the humidifier. Therefore, this means that you spend less on heating. However, it’s also important to choose an energy-efficient humidifier so that it doesn’t gobble up the savings.

Less Wear and Tear on Your System

That you don’t have to run your system as much to heat your home means less wear and tear. That results in less maintenance and repairs, which isn’t insignificant when it comes to savings. After all, during the peak of the season, a humidifier can shave off more than just a few degrees Celsius.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Low humidity actually creates an ideal breeding ground for viruses. Studies in Canada and from throughout the world have shown that a humidifier can lower virus presence by as much as 85 percent.

Improved Overall Health

A humidifier can help improve overall comfort and health as well. Increased water vapour keeps your skin and lips moisturized. It protects your throat, soothes sinuses and reduces snoring. It eases breathing in general but particularly for those with asthma, allergies and other breathing conditions.

Alberta Mountain Air wants to help you be as comfortable as possible during winter and throughout the year. Call us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we can do that.