What is a Good SEER Rating?

SEER RatingWhen someone is trying to decide what type of air conditioner to invest in, there are lots of different parameters to consider. People want to find a reliable air conditioner that will do its job well without breaking down, needing to be replaced, or racking up high maintenance costs. One of the values that people often hear quoted is called a SEER rating. This is a confusing value that many people have questions about. What is a SEER rating and why does this matter?

An Overview of SEER Rating

The word SEER is an acronym for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” It is also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The SEER rating is calculated as a ratio of the cooling output of the air conditioner calculated during the average cooling season (typically the hot weather months) and this is divided by the energy it consumes (calculated in Watt-Hours). Basically, it is a value that indicates how much cooling the air conditioner can handle per amount of energy it consumes. The SEER rating is calculated for a given constant indoor temperature (the temperature that the air conditioner is set to) but assumes that the outdoor temperature varies.

A Good SEER Rating

The vast majority of air conditioners will have a SEER rating of around 13 or 14 at the lowest and can get up as high as 21 or 25 depending on the type of air conditioner. Some states have minimum SEER requirements in order for the air conditioner to be used. While a rating of 14 is lower than 25, it is important to remember that older air conditioners could have had SEER ratings in the single digits. Therefore, newer air conditioner units are significantly more efficient than older units and most people will probably feel an upgrade should they invest in a newer unit.

Help from a Trained Professional

Ultimately, the SEER rating is only one part of a complex decision as people try to decide what kind of air conditioner to invest in. Therefore, it is important for everyone to speak with a trained professional to learn more about the various factors that play a role in finding the right air conditioner.

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